We are pleased to be able to present our company and to be able to offer you our products and services. All necessary information is available on our website. We offer our services with the option of using facultative compensation within the meaning of Act no.435/2004 Coll., for assortment of your choice.
Top Ten reasons why to choose us.
  We provide a comlex service.
  Quality is the highest priority.
  Long term reputation.
  ISO 9001 certification.
  Our experienced and professional staff.
  We are sensitive to our customers needs.
  We will save you time and money.
  We guarantee quality.
  We will not get caught resting on our laurels.
Industrial cleaning

The majority of our company’s business involves: regular daily cleaning of various institutions; maintaining of cleanliness; and one-off intensive cleaning.

závodní stravování
We provide a quick and pleasant catering service for employees.

Quality security monitoring of work areas are necessities in today’s work environment. It has become an unavoidable investment and often has proven fruitful in disclaiming work related illness or injury.